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    Top Tourist Attractions Iran

    The tourist attractions within Iran are undoubtedly some of the finest throughout the world. Not only is Iran home to some of the most historic landmarks untouched by time, the modern architecture within Iran is also world famous.

    The main advantage to travelling to Iran is that you can experience all elements of sight seeing, from historic buildings, arts and traditions to the most modern hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.

    The advantages to visiting Iran are too many to describe however we have highlighted some of the more popular attractions.

    1. Tourist Attractions in Esfahan, Iran

    As one of the oldest Iranian cities (approximately 2,500 years old), Esfahan is listed as a world heritage site and accommodates many of Iran’s outstanding tourist attractions. It served as the capital of Persia between 1598 and 1722.

    The Friday Mosque (Masjid E Jumeh) is one of the most beautiful and oldest Iranian tourist attractions. The mosque has been subject to renovation, development and updating since it was built in the mid eighth century. The dome of the mosque is famous both within Iran and outside of Iran for its geometric accuracy and beauty. It is truly a breathtaking sight and well worth the visit.

    2. The Central Bank, Tehran, Iran

    The Central Bank in Iran is home to some of the world’s most beautiful, famous and valuable stones. Although the Central Bank itself is not a tourist attraction, on display in the vault are rubies, emeralds, gold, diamonds and in particular, the world’s largest diamond. It is a tourist attraction which should not be missed.

    3. The Palace of Roses (Golestan Palace), Tehran Iran

    The Palace of Roses is again one of Iran’s oldest buildings; serving primarily as a museum and home to artefacts which will be of great attraction to most tourists. It was built during the reign of the Safavid dynasty (1502-1736) and has also been home to the royal family during the time of the Shah. It displays beautiful artwork such as the Peacock Throne which is studded with gems. It also includes other beautiful and diverse artefacts such as illuminated manuscripts.

    4. Persepolis, Iran

    Persepolis is undoubtedly one of the most popular Iranian tourist attractions. It used to serve as the capital of the Achaemenid Empire as far back as 518 BC.

    As with Esfahan, Persepolis is also listed as a World Heritage Site.